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Sierra Highway. The Antelope Valley’s original US Highway. NEW JOURNAL!

Hawes Radio Relay Facility. A fascinating relic from times gone by. Too bad the facility itself is no longer there.

Route 66. Where I got my kicks.

Astronomical Photographs. We had stars in our eyes.

Mojave National Preserve. If you want to be in the middle of noplace, this is the place. But there is a really good coffee shop there. Read on.

Garlock Airport. Just what was this place, anyway?

Mojave, California. Wind captial of the Mojave. The first, and, depending on which direction you're heading, the last restroom break on a trip to or from Vegas.

Jawbone Canyon. Off-roader's heaven.

Fossil Falls. Fascinating geology!

Jet Noise. So, you thought you'd find peace and quiet in the Mojave? On the other hand, if you're a jet freak, you're in the right place.

NASA 008. An old lady of the sky proudly on display.

Kramer Junction. A good lunch stop if you're too hungry to wait for Barstow. Plenty of souvenirs to be had.

Desert Snow. It isn't always stifling heat in the Mojave. You may be surprised. (Updated 12-4-09)

Old U.S. Highway 91. Interstate 15 isn't the only route across the Mojave. Here's a chance to be adventurous, and to avoid the long traffic lines on I-15 when returning from Vegas.

Things in the Sky. UFOs? Maybe. Maybe not. But keep an eye peeled. (Updated 12-1-09)

McCarran International Airport. Jet watcher's heaven!

Tokiwa's. Desert Oasis? You bet it was!

Owens Valley. The most beautiful place on Earth!

The Mojave Blog. Just in case there's something we'd like to get off our chests.

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